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Ivan Shmakov

Ivan Shmakov

Was born on april 27,2005 in Moscow. After with parents left Moscow to the city Shatura,Moscow region ,where started visit MBDOU 'kindergarden N5' under direction of O.J.Dvoretskaya.

In 2007 became interested in swimming it the pool,where was noticed by the trainer A.I. Wozniak and invited to the swimming section. At 6 years old age have got the junior level in swimming. He took part in regional competitions and won medals.

From 2010 visited a children's vocal ensemble «Spring»in DC Narimanovo under direction of N.I.Lisitsina.

Ivan's actor career started May 6,2010 when he started participate in castings.

Acting in the movies tooks alot of time of his life and parents decided to move back in the Moscow.

In 2012 started study in the school N1113 with music and choreorraphy elements in it.

Under the attention of the great teacher N.G.Balakina he studied excelent and do it till this days. Ivan started study english and spanish languages. In the free time from acting he enjoys outdoor activitiesand loves skiing,skating, and cycling.Plays in chess ,and have got 2nd rank in 7 years old age.

Vanya likes very much read books-this is his favorite hobby. Loves encyclopedia about space,animals and the underwater world.