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27 february


In Shatura the Moscow region was opening year of Russian cinema!
February 27, Shatura held an event dedicated to the closing of the Year of Literature and the opening of the Year of Russian cinema.
This day was many people in the reading room of the Central Library. It brought together pupils, students, cultural workers, veterans of film, intellectuals and literary communities of all ages.
The event began with a demonstration of the animated film "film! Film! Film! ", Told in comic form of the difficult process of creating a feature film
     It began the most interesting - a creative meeting with the actors of the Russian cinema. And not just actors, but our fellow countrymen, in the recent past - the inhabitants of Shatura, Vanya Shmakov and Lyudmila Svitova. Ivan only 10 years old, but its artistic heritage - bit parts in TV series 40. This does not prevent him from arriving at the weekend from Moscow to the Kerva to his grandmother. A graduate of the Lyceum Shatura, actress Theatre. Moscow City Council Lyudmila Svitova starred in the television series 28 and half of them - in the main roles. Videos were presented with photographs and fragments of films with the participation of our talented fellows. It was very warm and live communication with the public. The audience asked questions, and the actors are sincerely interested responded. Ludmila with her usual humor remembered about his life and study in Shatura and sang along with her husband, film director Yuri Popovich songs with a guitar. At the end of the meeting who wish - from the guests received autographs, I talked to them personally and photographed for memory. The audience for a long time did not disperse and thanked the organizers for the nice event.